Akela Népe Kennel: L litter, 5 weeks old

5 weeks old

After the storm

The multi-day rain storm ended.
The gloomy weather also affected the mood amongst puppies. Just came out of the kennel.
The kennel before breaking off a tree branch largish dry.
It would have been rude to the size of the branch saw Stihl chain saw to cut up and the puppies did not suddenly wanted to expose as much noise that produces a Stihl.
I love to watch the puppies behavior in different situations.
I started clearing rubble in the twig. Wringing them together while watching the puppy’s behavior. Sometimes I threw one at you noticed more crackle.
They have not heard of such a thing (even), but of course responded. Etc. they came sniffed. Only the male puppy was unimpressed by the entertainment.
The balance of attention which is crying, twitchy, freed or just relaxed.
In addition, now they lingered about it, because they received their second worm drive as well.
The smaller ones caught up, even the smallest one was the biggest. 4300g.
Anyway, this was the largest puppy. With this knowledge it is not surprising to me, since determining birth weight. Predestined, if environmental factors, especially diet and optimal health.
A major branch of the left front of the kennel puppies playing, jumping.
Since I also liked that they like, I thought I prepare a weekly series of photos around the tree branch.
So successful were:sztárfotó


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