A female from Restelica arrived to Karabas for pairing

Karabas was happy to welcome an other female. This time from Restelica. Restelica is located in the Sar-Mountains, 1100km from us. Karabas was born there more then 8 years ago. The bitch is called Blanka. Her owner is Murat Mussalar, the son of Isa Mussalar. Isa is the original breeder of Karabash. We would like to get Karabas’s blood back, and with this female we have the chance to do so. Blanka was born in Restelica, and has been working there in Murat’s sheepfarm. She has excellent rates and anatomical structure with a well balanced nervous-system. She is -just like Karabas- an authentic, izvorni working dog. She has sisters, so we have the reason to be hopeful…
I must notice that Blanka was brought to my place by two Macedonian, Zlate Nastevski and Dicevski Mitre, Adrijana joined them in Serbia. It was a real international collaboration.

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