New litter in Akela Népe Kennel!!

The first Sarplaninac puppies of the New Year were born in the Akela -Népe kennel on 02.01.2022. 5 males and 2 females.

“U” litter

Mother: Lara

Lara is an average bitch whose above average father was Karabas Restelicki, whom I imported from Kosovo and had a lot of success with her shepherd dog meeting and Serbian specialties. He inherited his above-average anatomical structure from him. On the maternal line, I imported my grandmother Meda from Serbia, from whom my mother, Dara, Lara, was born. I didn’t take Lara to a breeding inspection because of her short and contrasting coat, so this litter doesn’t get a pedigree. I dedicate the litter primarily to a family dog. Lara loves kids, and is no distrustful day with strangers. At night, the other… At night, it performs the task of guarding the area, vigilant, small and large predators (ferrets, martens, foxes, etc.) cannot enter the area.


Father: Karak

Karak was brought in from Sarajevo by a good acquaintance of mine. Dark male with excellent terrain, good character, size (72cm), strong bones. The male grew up in a family with children and then moved to the family farm at the age of 2, where he was responsible for protecting sheep and other property, among other things. Breed inspected, 2x HPJ and 2XCAC results at shows.

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