Titov Kincse Kennel D litter: 1 weeks old puppies


The first week passed, and all 8 puppies are well developed, spinning, none left behind. Although there are some of the bitches that are smaller than the others, but they are also strong, eating and growing nicely. Bora’s appetite is very good, she ate a lot, and there is plenty of you too. The little ones are well fed, sleeping quietly among the meals, though if they get into some unpleasant effect, for example, I take them in or get lost in the dog house, some of them already hear the sound. The “personality” of the little ones is already beginning to show off, now the more brutal, bouncing or whining kittens can be separated from their quieter, quieter peers.
Their birth weight was around 500 grams, measured 1 week, and almost all of them exceeded 1000 grams, which I think is quite a good growth rate. Slowly they will open their eyes so they will soon be able to detect more of the outside world.

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