Karabas male to female arrived from Serbia pairing again!

Karabas bitch came back to Serbia pairing!Karabas loves fruit. Last bitch named Alma hedged Karabas, from which puppies were born just a few days of the Romai Mandula friend’s kennel.
Now Strawberry Bitch soon arrived to Serbia. Breed known as Strawberry od Rase Temerinaca. I asked for a drink of photos, a copy of pedigree During the preliminary consultations.
Because of the high-born female, young, healthy and appearance also liked the pairing came together. The female relaxed behaved defended his master, if I went too close.
When I surveyed the situation and the bitch is little accustomed to our yard, I introduced him to the Karabas. Virgin females were dealing with, so even more carefully keeping in mind the principle of gradualism let the reins getting closer. Do not spoil the house. You could say the pairing went smoothly, and the Sarplaninac is not always easy …..
Mating took 17 minutes for the first time, the second- After 2 days – was 18 minutes. Now we have hope! All the more so because the bitch well in the exhibitions.
Strawberry Speciality had been victorious!

P1120381 P1120383 P1120389 P1120395 P1120397 Drenkovics Dániel Eperrel P1120406 P1120407 P1120410 Eper od Rase Temerinaca

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