We have been breeding sarplaninac since 1990. Our first dog was a very tough female. She had a huge male who also has vidya temper. It was the time when Kisbéri Szürke Farkas Kennel was formed.

Later I bought two males from Aldo and As. My female were mated with them.

We have won several HFGY, CYC, HPJ and CH titles at exhibitions.

This was the past and at present we have two females and one male.

I purchased Beki, the elder female in 2003. She is the daughter of TIGAR OD PIKSIJA and BEKI PLANINSKI DUH. The most beautiful litter was born by her and Elmo.

I brought the female Gana and the male Gafur from Shar Mountain in 2009. They represent the original mountain type. The male is from Restelica (son of Karabas Gafurov), the female is from Peja (daughter of Karabas Junior).

Both dogs can be characterized by excellent nerve system and nice movement. They have been successful at Smederevska Palanka special exhibition, the male won the competition.

Several litters have been born by mating Gana and Gafur in the last four years. I own a male from this mate and a female from the mate of Zara and Gafur. Zara is also from Kosovo, she is with my friend, Gyula. Both dogs have excellent movement, they are authentic and confident.

We have been to Kosovo several times, and we have brought dogs for mating. In the future I intend to focus on these lines in mating.

These dogs still do the same duties in the mountains as in the past. They guard and protect the herd from wolves and bears. Their selection is not only based on their physical appearances but also on their work.

Here in Hungary many people do not know that the Sarplaninac is not always in grey colour. We have seen beautiful striped dogs in the mountains. It is a shame that these dogs are excluded from mating.

My aim is to deal with several colour variations. Our circle of friends is still committed to the breed.

2014. 03.

Imre Morvai