Akela Népe Kennel L litter, the puppies 8 weeks old

2015 11th 14th

8 weeks old



In rare cases, only a dream that one sex is tilted in favor and a good balance of properties, the more of a subject. I have been my vice bitch. But Lupo male nice curve evolves. Mentally as well. Very brave doggy, you can talk back to your father, barking. But Karabas hard look in his eyes and growl at him. The females no longer play a fighting game Lupo, because you outnumbered. The male puppy realized this, and have 3 days ago attention to the supine bitches, almost throw herself in front of them, so call your attention to now “can win”, can play with it. Very clever dog. He discovered the only weak point of the fence is where you can wring itself. Lupo is a special day’m feeding because I was afraid to go to the weight and gain weight because they steal food from the girls as well. The fourth has been feeding himself went to the kennel. He knew that he had to eat outside ….

Album: http://www.sarplaninac-kennel.hu/hu/akela-nepe-kennel-l-alom-8-hetesek/

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