Akela Népe Kennel – L litter, the puppies 7 weeks old

2015 11th 08th

1 minute

I slipped slightly to photography. Unfortunately, the days are getting shorter, so the ideal time is less and less suitable for the photo shoot.

The characters evolve. Minor changes are in the “rankings”, but what I expected.

Two years ago, this same pairing has been found that the rankings 7-8.hetes age I have set up, rearranged later.

The dog, Lupo, becoming “kanosabb”. The females had eluded him. Much larger than females, and this is a physical yet who can enforce. But it may not remain so.

Over the next 3-4 weeks you may have many surprises in store.

Deva definitively separated from the puppies. When I have time for your little ones acclimated to the other bitches. As far as my time goes on, socializing the puppies, I deal with them.

I feed them four times. Dogs are highly expandable stomach. During the first weeks of their lives, yet they can not devour it like adults, they still had to learn to eat well.

I noticed that when I give them power, only slowly munching compared to when it is mixed with the meat supply in Hungary. The meat smell awakens the ancient instinct.

The little ones can learn a multiple of / in what they could do to be a healthy development. The kids-loaded obese, lazy, moreover, they can cause damage to the joints. Therefore, it must take
care of choosing quantity. (the quality too!) I’ve become in the quantity, which is enough for one sip at that age … minutes.

Album: http://www.sarplaninac-kennel.hu/hu/akela-nepe-kennel-l-alom-7-hetesek-3/

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