Akela Népe Kennel: L litter, 6 weeks old puppies

6 weeks
The puppies have received the vaccine first.
Their mother had just Deva is living with them, going around the flock preserve farm. Kids maximum compensated for the initial lag, the rations did not even raised a couple of days because of strengthening too fast, which is not healthy, either, even in this day and age. They eat four times a day. Puppies are overweight are lazy, they do not move as much as a normal condition. Although can be sold chubby the small ones, but I believe the more athletic condition. Already they eat with his power, and meat. Slowly, one by an adult will learn about our dogs, of course supervision to prevent injuries caused by a violent game. The entire runway roam around, which is 600nm. Much of the band oxidase kennels are built on concrete floor. Already they go up to the farm as well. Farther and farther reach. The seven-week photos have been likely will be made around a straw …

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