Római Mandula Kennel: Emir was one year old

2018. 12. 23. Emir was one year old. Who would think a little puppy would be such a huge dog. I didn’t even think it would be 73 cm at the age of 1, and although his fur is not small yet, he hasn’t dressed up, the puppy’s head is still there. And still a […]

Look at the puppies !!

2018.05.15. In the Akela People Kennel, the puppies are developing vigorously, both litters are healthy. Look at the pictures! “P” litter: Barak x Brita http://www.sarplaninac-kennel.hu/en/akela-nepe-kennel-images-p-litter-2 “R” litter: Sokol x Kara-Baska http://www.sarplaninac-kennel.hu/en/akela-nepe-kennel-images-r-litter  

A new litter in the Akela Népe Kennel!

2018.04.07. On the 04th of 2018 the “R” litter was born from Sokol x Kara-Baska pairing Album: http://www.sarplaninac-kennel.hu/hu/akela-nepe-kennel-r-alom-megszulettek/

Akela Népe Kennel – Were born

03/26/2018. Brita’s puppies were born on 21 March 2018. 3 dogs + 5 bitches. Barak X Brita Album: http://www.sarplaninac-kennel.hu/hu/akela-nepe-kennel-kepek-megszulettek/

Puppies are waiting for the Akela Népe Kennel

2018.03.16. 1st litter. Expected birth: from 2018.03.16 About the parents: Mother: Brita, Father: Barak The mother: Brita: Serbian import, authentic shepherd’s ancestors. His parents came from Kosovo, the Sar Mountains, Restelica. About the photos, pedigree, can be found on our website on the following link: Akela Népe Kennel – Dogs – Brita The father: Barak: […]

Titov Kincse Kennel D litter: 1 weeks old puppies

2017.12.03. The first week passed, and all 8 puppies are well developed, spinning, none left behind. Although there are some of the bitches that are smaller than the others, but they are also strong, eating and growing nicely. Bora’s appetite is very good, she ate a lot, and there is plenty of you too. The […]

Titov Kincse Kennel: Sokol x Bora puppies were born

2017.11.16. On November 23, the puppies were born from the Bora-Sokol pairing. The little ones came to world without problems, 8 puppies were born, 5 female and 3 male. Bora proves to be a very good mother despite her inexperience, caring for the puppies who are strong and well-behaved. There is plenty to eat,  has […]

XV. Special Exhibition for Sarplaninac and CACIB– Nis

2015.05.16. Special Exhibition, Judge: Zikic dr. Predrag (SRB) 2015.05.17. CACIB, Judge: Nebojsa Bjelica The first time i went to a Special Exhibition for Sarplaninac to Serbia was in 1998 but i have not been in Nis until now. I knew that the sarplaninac breeding was strong in Nis so i decided to visit the exhibition […]

Római Mandula Kennel: The puppies are 9 weeks old

01/13/2016 Some of the puppies are gone. They have started a new life with their new owners. I can see, the remaining puppies are a bit sad and puzzled. The life has become a little boring, the days are not so busy. They must turn their lifestyle into a „reduced mode”. Their eyes and their […]

Tour to the Sar-Mountains, Kosovo, in the May of 2015

Koszovó 2015. 05. 07-10. Album: http://www.sarplaninac-kennel.hu/hu/koszovo-2015-05-07-10-korutazas/ Following our first visit to Kosovo back in 2011 we decided to go back again to gain more experience and to look for more dogs suitable for us. Zsolt hired a minibus for our group of 5 friends to make the tour comfortable. Our first station was the Gorski Vuk […]