The puppies of T litter in Akela Népe Kennel were 6 weeks old !!

10/20/2021 The puppies of the T-litter are 6 weeks old Album pictures: Video:  They are already past the 3rd worm drive, a few days and will receive their first vaccine and microchip. After the 4th week I let them out into the runway which is about 150 sqm. Now everyone here moves as much […]

Puppies were born in Akela Népe Kennel !!

2021.09.09. Puppies were born in Akela Népe Kennel !! SARI X BRITA Akela Népe Kennel – Litters Mother: Brita Serbian import bitch with authentic shepherd dog ancestry. His parents came from Restelica, Kosovo, in the Sar Mountains. Photos of him, pedigreet, can be found on our website at the following link: Brita two apples […]